How Mr. Brightside became a generation’s anthem”

I enjoyed revisiting that song in this NYT article. Can’t say I ever thought very much about the lyrics or the place of the song in the culture, but I guess that’s why we have articles like this.

Yet in the intervening decades, Mr. Brightside” — which eventually reached the Billboard Hot 100 over a year after its initial release, peaking at No. 10 in June 2005 — has become something more than a hit. It has grown into an all-purpose, inescapable rallying cry: a karaoke staple, a football tradition, a party playlist must-have, a meme. It’s a straight shot of nostalgia that, having survived that awkward interval when a song feels dated and falls out of favor, now belongs to a pantheon of modern classics that are both extremely of their time and transcend it.

December 28, 2023